Mission, Vision and Values


Collaborate with government and local authorities in the southern part of Haiti to identify areas where the rate of children receiving education is low and enroll the most vulnerable minors in LIGHT’s scholarship program.

Map out areas in the U.S., especially in Texas where refugees and vulnerable migrants are seeking government assistance and provide them with emergency relief and orientation.


Establish a Healthcare and Scholarship Program in Haiti for vulnerable and marginalized Children in the remote areas.

Provide Emergency Relief Efforts, Conduct Community Outreach and Human Service Orientation for Refugees and Vulnerable Migrants in the U.S.


LIGHT builds its values on 4 core principles: Professionalism, Integrity, Diversity and Respect. It also forbids any form of intimidation, hostility, humiliation and bullying. Protecting both the people who work with us and those we serve from harassment, exploitation and abuse of authority. These are the values that define our ideal and the nature of our mission

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