Our Story!

Before stepping up to present the Mission of our organization “LIGHT”, let me take the opportunity to acquaint you with the story of the organization; how it came to life. This is a project inspired by two young Haitian professionals whose intentions lie behind the obsession to participate in the social development of their country. Our ambitions began after a thorough investigation into the medical system of the country which revealed several anomalies that impair the functionality of the system. However, the sector as delicate as it looks, consists of useful drivers that we consider as assets to fix the recurring problems.​

Given the seriousness of the country’s health system, we decided to build a structure that is designed to not only identify the issues that constantly plague the system but also to come with solutions. Consequently, we created an organization, namely (LIGHT) standing for “Living In Good Health Today” which purpose is providing a standard health insurance to all, particularly to vulnerable and marginalized students from age of 3 to 21, via its program called “Health for Student”. Besides the different insurance programs listed in the program section on the menu line, the organization also engages in other social protection programs where we provide technical and professional supports to communities where LIGHT is established.

The country's health system needs renovation in line with international standards. Living in situations where resilience is the only option is wearing. By bringing up these alternatives, we’re sure there will be positive impacts on the community and on the country as a whole.

Community health training for nurses in Jacmel.
Training on Universal Health Care for children and adults.
Commemoration of the fight against HIV in Jacmel
Universal health insurance training in Jacmel